TechWorm - winner of the GOLDEN VOD-KA 2019 competition for best innovative exhibits, held at the 21st WATER SUPPLIES - SEWERAGE International Water Management Exhibition in Prague.
Kamera TechWorm

TechWorm Push Camera

The TechWorm push camera was devised in close cooperation with long-term customers in the field. In fact, the feedback they provided was the most important factor involved, this mutual cooperation in development and practice bringing about a technically advanced product with a unique design.

Means of control:
Interchangeable cable drums with different rigidity of cable

This is of great importance when working with different diameters of pipes; e.g. cables of low rigidity are suitable for smaller pipes. Our quick-release cable drums can be swapped out in less than 1 minute. The cable drums are connected via an internal bus, which permits image transfer in up to Full HD quality.
Výměnné bubny pro různou velikost profilů kanalizace
A battery-powered unit , it gives up to 14 hours of continuous operation per charge, with the added advantage of using standard external battery packs for hand tools. Since these come with different capacities, the operator is able to choose the battery best suited to the job.
Capable of operation in a horizontal position.
This ability proves extremely handy when the situation requires it.

Vodorovná poloha
Ergonomics . The camera has been designed to be portable, provide easy access to all controls from one place and weigh as little as possible. The need for mobility influenced the choice of the frame’s centre of gravity, meaning the camera does not tilt or cause issues. The frame is equipped with a step-on support that slides out to aid stability when winding the cable back.
Compact. Our R&D team went about reducing the size of the push camera to such an extent it ended up being the smallest one on the market. During development we consulted with partners working in the trade on the environments in which the system would be used. As a consequence it can even pass through an opening in a skylight.
Signal transfer from the camera and control over Wi-Fi . This functionality affords absolute mobility and enhances operation on site. The coverage for Wi-Fi encompasses 50 metres.
This also allows for a second observer who can monitor activities on a smartphone, which is particularly useful when operating the camera in conjunction with a pipe cleaning vehicle.
Ergonomie WIFI ovládání kamery do kanalizace
Interchangeable camera heads for different diameters of pipe. We have introduced an innovative solution that permits a camera head to pass through an elbow in a pipe, comprising flexible connections on the head and at the terminal of the cable. Any memory effect, constituting a bend between the head and the connection at the terminal of the cable, can be removed.
Kamerová hlava rotační Kamerová hlava
The locating function determines the position of pipes from ground level via a transmitter incorporated in the camera head. This means the operator is able to monitor the progress of the unit through the pipe, a process made possible by a locator which registers its position and depth.
The PRIMARY COMPONENT OF THE SATELLITE CAMERA is the TechWorm push camera. All it takes for users who employ a cable reel and a crawler of model 305 or 315 is to purchase an optional adjustable arm as an add-on item, and they gain a fully functional satellite camera suitable for lateral pipes as a result.
Satelitní kamera v kanalizaci Malé rozměry kamery
Design and materials. TechWorm by ZIKMUND triumphs in these criteria. The frame is made of a high-quality carbon material, characterized by high strength and low weight. The timeless design and professional features of the product are sure to be appreciated by users.
Winners of
the Visionary 2019
competition for the TechWorm system.

Holders of “Honourable Mention” for the TechWorm system
the INNOVATION 2019 competition.
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